Why do ants come out when it rains?

All insects, including ants, have the same basic needs – shelter and food.

Rain drives ants up from their flooded nests, as most ant species live in shallow, underground nests. When it rains, these nests can flood in a matter of minutes. If the rain has been heavy enough, the entire colony may search out a new place to live. The ants will look for an area that has been unaffected by the flooding, and one of the prime locations is close to a home.

Ants have survived in the rain for millions of years and, like most other creatures, when the floods come, they head for higher, drier ground – like your kitchen. Once the ants invade, they begin searching for food and water. On their way into your house, they leave a scent trail that allows them to return to the nest after the sun comes out and dries up all the rain.

Repeated instances of ant invasions after a storm can be a sign of a more serious or ongoing problem.  If the problem persists, contact Allgon Pest Control and we’ll will find a solution suitable for your property.

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