Most spiders are not pests, and are an important part of our environment, as they reduce the populations of pest insects. However, some are poisonous, and their bites require medical attention.

Useful tips on spiders

  • Identify spiders found in the house. Kill only those that are regarded as poisonous to humans
  • Carefully inspect all footwear and clothing left outside before dressing, particularly in summer and autumn
  • Inspect all toys, clothing, footwear and other articles left outside at night before bringing them into the house
  • Take care when using insecticides in gardens as this can cause funnel web spiders to enter the house
  • Wet weather may also cause ground-dwelling spiders to enter a house. Ground-dwelling spiders are also often found in swimming pools and can still be alive after being in the pool for hours. Do not remove spiders with your hands

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