Termite Treatment

Don’t let termites destroy your home.

An annual termite inspection by Allgon will ensure you can live worry-free, with comprehensive guarantees on termite treatments.

Comprehensive termite inspections and treatment

Termites are destructive little things, with an insatiable hunger for wood. These crawling insects can cause major structural damage to a property in just six months, and can completely destroy a home in two years.

For this reason we recommend annual termite inspections to prevent infestations in your home or business.

Inspections take between 1.5 and 3 hours to complete, including detailed examination of roof void subfloors (if accessible), garden beds, fence lines and tree bases.

Allgon’s state of the art thermal imaging camera helps to detect any obvious termite nests inside wall cavities. We also use Termatrac T3i, the most advanced device in the world for termite detection and tracking, which includes a termite detection radar, thermal and moisture sensor.

Once we have completed the inspection you will receive a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations for your property.

Click here for more information about termites.

Term X Replenishment System

The TermX Replenishment System is a specially designed pipe system used to distribute termite-killing chemicals throughout the soil around a building.

The TermX system creates an impenetrable barrier or death-trap for any unsuspecting termites that move through the chemically-treated soil. An Allgon installer lays a series of replenishment systems around or underneath a building, before pumping chemicals through the pipes to create a barrier of protection.

Designed to suit harsh Australian conditions and termite pressures, TermX provides long-term results in the management and prevention of termites.

Go to the TermX website for more information.

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Chemical Barrier Treatments

Chemical barrier treatments are an extremely effective way of killing existing termites or preventing them from entering your home. Allgon chemical barriers are of low toxicity and pose no threat to humans or animals.

During a chemical barrier treatment, liquid chemicals are applied to the soil surrounding a building or underneath its concrete floor. This style of treatment provides protection against termites for many years.

In addition to chemical treatment (or as a stand-alone solution), Trithor can be used to bolster termite protection. Trithor is a geotextile blanket treatment, which creates a physical barrier against termite infestations.

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