Wasps can be found everywhere in the world, except Antarctica and they can sting repeatedly. Their nests are normally found in basements, sheds or dark and cool places.


The services of a pest control technician are recommended as it is the safest and most effective means to control wasps.

Control measures are best carried out at night, when the wasps are in their nest. The nest can be covered with plastic sheeting when the insecticide is introduced. This way, the wasps cannot escape and leave the colony, reducing the possibility of the operator being stung. It is very important that body and facial protection is worn when working near wasps.

It is essential to isolate and destroy the nest, using a pesticide registered for this use. Propoxur and Carbaryl Dust are effective in controlling wasps in their nest. An aerosol mixture of Propoxur and Dichlorvos is also effective. The nest can then be removed and destroyed in case any wasps have survived the treatment.

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