Possums are familiar to most Australian backyards. They are adaptable creatures, which enabled them to embrace the infrastructures humans provide. The brushtail and ringtail are the most common species.

Useful facts about possums

Possums are commonly found in suburban areas, where they are often considered pests owing to their habit of eating fruit, vegetables, flowers and tender young shoots from gardens and nesting in roofs. The loud hissing, crackling territorial call of the male common brushtail may also be a problem for suburban residents.

Natural deterrents which play upon the possums’s acute sense of smell are often employed to discourage them. These include cloves of garlic, camphor or naphthalene.

As a native species in Australia, possums are protected by Australian regulations, even when the reside in urban neighbourhoods, and cannot be baited. They cannot be killed as pests and if captured, the regulations stipulate that they must be released within a small radius of that locality since they are territorial creatures. Preventative measures such as blocking off their access to the roof spaces or building a possum nesting box for an alternative home are instead recommended.

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